Psychiatric Abuse Summary Information Form
(coming soon)

Do you know of a psychiatric abuse?

Whether is is someone you know, or you feel you have been taken advantage of, fill out our Psychiatric Abuse Summary Information form.

Or immediately call our hotline number 805.371.1576 locally in Ventura County or 800.869.2247 for our International CCHR hotline.

Falsely diagnosed or forced to undergo unwanted and often harmful psychiatric methods, from being restrained to misconduct including rape, we can assist you with your evidence and reports of criminal psychiatric practices.

If you feel there is a criminal abuse, local law enforcement needs to be also notified or in the case of health insurance or billing fraud then the health insurance fraud unit or the justice department needs to be contacted.

Local Ventura Hotline
  (805) 371-1576

International CCHR
(800) 869.2247

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